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The Alaska Earthquake Center is charged with detecting and reporting seismic activity in the state of Alaska. As director, I ensure that the center is meeting the needs of Alaska and meeting the needs of the agencies and organizations that rely on our information. The center operates the primary earthquake monitoring network in Alaska. New research is continually providing enhanced techniques for understanding earthquakes and the tectonics that cause them. In the north Pacific, seismology plays an equally critical role in monitoring volcanoes and tsunamis. Together with the Earthquake Center team, I advocate and develop tools that leverage the seismic infrastructure spanning Alaska. I use my role as State Seismologist to serve as a liaison and advocate for the many communities with a stake in earthquake science. This includes research scientists, educators, emergency managers, engineers, students and the public.

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Considerable opportunities exist for graduate and undergraduate study. Student research projects frequently leverage the assets of the Earthquake Center and many students complement their research with hands-on operational experience in the Seismology Lab. Responding to large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is an experience that brings unique meaning to thesis research. Our research projects tend to be observation-driven and frequently have a strong field component. We have a critical mass of students and faculty in seismology making for a diverse learning environment. Some students are working on projects in Alaska. Others are applying this knowledge around the globe. Students in the program typically receive full financial support year round. We have a history of successful alumnae who have found our mix of pure and applied research to be the key step in their professional development.